Croatian Language Exam on B2 Level

International students are required to undertake the Croatian language exam on B2 level depending on the requirement of the study programme offered by the Croatian higher education institution.  The higher education institution in Croatia determines the course of study that requires taking the Croatian language exam. 

Applying Ways and Means

Candidates must apply online through the Central Application System ( In the “My timetable” section, candidates can know the information on the additional tests required and the Croatian language exam on B2 level.  To know about the exam date, visit the “My Schedule” page of the central application system.

For undergraduate professional study programme-second year: Students who have not take the Croatian language exam while entering the first year of undergraduate professional study, are required to take the exam in order to enter the second year of the undergraduate professional study. To take the exam, students must apply directly to the National Center for External Evaluation of Education.

For graduate study programme in Croatia: Students who want to go for graduate study programme in Croatia, and have completed their undergraduate studies abroad must directly apply for taking the exam to the National Center for External Evaluation of Education.

Exam Structure

The Croatian language exam comprises of the literary theory and linguistics, understanding of the text and the use of the Croatian language. The Croatian language exam comprises of two test sections:
  • Test 1 is a school essay
  • Test 2 is literature and language
Each test carries 50% of the total value.
Total duration: 240 minutes

School Essay (Skolski esej)

Candidates are required to a write an essay of 400 to 600 words. There are three types of essays:
  • Interpretative school essay: The initial text in the interpretative school essay is a drama, poem, prose or passage.
  • Comparative analysis of two texts: This comprises of a theme, problem or idea. Candidates are required to give their viewpoints.
  • Argumentative essay: Comprises of list of literary works
The test comprise of literary works or non-literary text. This test assesses the understanding and knowledge of the literary theory, history of literature and Croatian language. The school essay must have following parts: introduction, body and conclusion. Candidates must give examples to substantiate their opinions and judgements. The essay must be clear, concise and linguistically correct.
  • Duration: 160 minutes
  • Maximum points: 80

Literature and Language (Knjizevnost i jezik)

This test assesses the understanding ability of the candidates- the understanding of the literary texts, history and theory; and linguistic knowledge. 
  • Duration: 80 minutes
This test comprises of a total of 80 tasks and holds 80 points. Each correct answer has one point .

Literature: Candidates are required to recognize the author, texts and poetics. They are required to identify and understand the literary history, literary period, Croatian literature, and distinguish and compare the poetics and aesthetics of historical periods from ancient times to contemporary literature.

Language: Candidates are required to identify the phonetic and phonological units of the Croatian standard language. They are required to understand the meaning of the common phrases in Croatian language, structure of the language and know the historical development of the Croatian language .

Section 1: Literature

This section comprise of 7 initial texts.
  • Type of tasks: Multiple-choice
  • No. of tasks: 35
  • No. of points: 35

Section 2: Literature

Comprises of tasks without starting text
  • Type of tasks: Multiple-choice
  • No. of tasks: 20
  • No. of points: 20

Section 3: Language

Comprises of tasks without starting text
  • Type of tasks: Multiple-choice
  • No. of tasks: 25
  • No. of points: 25
To know more about the exam, visit the official website of the National Centre for External Evaluation of Education (
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